THURSDAY: After you wander around at the first Thursday Seattle Art Walk in Pioneer Square and Downtown, head to the Tech N9ne show at the Moore Theatre and get served by the great lyricist and rap master. Not a thug? Mulally jams at the Blue Moon Tavern in the U District with opener Amtraque; it’s gonna be a rockin show (I should know; Mulally practices in my living room). For you happy punkers out there, Say Hi brings to Chop Suey a delicious fat portion of indie rock; let’s just hope SPD doesn’t come in and tell them to turn it down. What’s the saying? If it’s too loud, you’re too old…but you’re also wearing a badge and gun so I guess I will adjust the knob just a bit. Damn.

FRIDAY: Ghostland Observatory plays the first of two shows at the Showbox; these Austin boys bring it with passion and without apologies- hey they might even get the hipsters to dance (but probably not). Electric Avenue at the CHAC (Capitol Hill Arts Center) is a dependable dance night; Hyperfunk and company have their priorities straight: they like electro. They like retro. They like ghetto, house, and techno. Bases covered. If you didn’t get enough art on the first Thursday Seattle Art Walk, then go to the Seattle Art Museum for the SAM Remix with KEXP DJ Kid Hops; the mix of art, music, dancing, and cocktails will make you happy.

SATURDAY: KJ Sawka drums like a madman at Nectar in Fremont; if you want to know what the future of music will sound like, come out and join the show. Novatron will also be in the house. The Hands lay it down at the Funhouse with their sticky, gritty, 100% ROCK AND ROLL! WOO-HOO! Clothes may come off. KEXP (all over this weekend) broadcasts Audioasis live from the High Dive tonight; the show is all about music from the Pacific Northwest. Check it out. I will be at SPY, the best party in Seattle with the sickest lineup ever this month; it’s all happening at Lo_Fi Performance Gallery from 9PM to 4AM. Seattle loves this dance party so much there are poems showing up on Northwest Tekno. See you on the dance floor.

Community Shilo Suggests: Your Seattle Music Weekend