So claims Pennsylvania Governor and Hillary Clinton backer Ed Rendell. He says there’s only 10% about Hillary Clinton that we don’t know. Rendell sees this as significant because, with Hillary, Democrats can better anticipate Republican attacks. She’s been “vetted.”

This is an argument that Clinton and her supporters have been making since the race began. She’s a known commodity while Obama is much more of an enigma. The rationale has failed repeatedly but now, in the aftermath of the Rev. Wright scandal, it may be a lot more potent. Voters have to ask, what else about Obama do we not know? And they have to consider that, while it’s unlikely the media will harp on all the old Clinton scandals (they’re yesterday’s news), they’re going to devour any new Obama scandal. He’s still fresh meat.

Unfortunately for Clinton, that line of reasoning is merely strategic. It says nothing as to her qualifications or her likely performance as president. Some voters will be swayed and certainly some superdelegates will buy into the “vetted” argument but I just don’t think it’s enough this late in the race. However, the argument won’t end with the nomination. Look for John McCain to push the same line of reasoning in the general election should he face Obama.

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