The primary is on May 6th, but this one is already starting to shape up as a toss up.

From South Bend Tribune:

In a sample of 400 likely Democratic primary voters, Clinton would reap 49 percent of the vote and Obama would earn 46 percent of the vote if the election were held today. […]

Obama has a solid lead (63 percent to 36 percent) among respondents age 18 to 29.

Clinton, meanwhile, holds 60 percent of respondents older than 60 years old, to Obama’s 34 percent.

And Clinton holds a seven-point lead over Obama among voters age 30 to 44, and a six-point lead with voters age 45 to 59.

SurveyUSA showed Hill up by 9 a few days ago.

ARG has a new poll that shows Hillary ahead by 9, 53/44.

She leads 59/38 with Dem voters.

Obama leads 64/31 with Indys.

Politics Poll: Hill Holds Small Lead In Indiana