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Intense Debate Comments Turned Off


Well, guess what? 🙂

When we tried to reimport the comments from the Intense Debate test, it didn’t work. So I decided to turn them off for the time being until we could talk with the folks over there and see what was going on. They may come back, but they may not.

Moreover, I’ve been pretty disappointed with their moderation system, because it doesn’t seem to know when a commenter has left a message before. That’s why some of yours haven’t been showing up right away. They’re held in a moderation queue, and I get an email. And unless I check my email every 10 minutes, some of yours have been held in that queue for hours. This is yet another reason why I decided to turn them off.

In any event, we’re working hard to reimport them from Intense Debate so no conversations are lost. I’m just glad we figured this out now instead of when we had a month’s worth to import. Yikes!

Sorry for any confusion or hiccups along the way, and BIG apologies if we ultimately can’t recover those comments.