After Bill Clinton’s recent concession that Hill has to win N.C., much more focus will be on the Tar Heel State. And this latest poll backs up the trend.

From Rasmussen:

In North Carolina, Barack Obama has opened up a twenty-three percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that Obama attracts 56% of the vote while Clinton earns 33%. A month ago, Obama’s lead was just seven percentage points.

While the absolute numbers are different, the trend is similar to results from Pennsylvania where Obama gained ten-points on Clinton during the month of March.

However, cause for concern for Obama?

Perhaps the only disturbing news for Obama in the survey is that most Clinton voters (56%) say they are not likely to vote for the Illinois Senator in the general election against John McCain. A month ago, 45% of Clinton voters said they were not likely to vote for Obama against McCain.

Yes, there will be plenty of time to mend fences with these voters after the primary contest is over, but he can’t like how divisive this contest is getting.

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