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Gallup: Obama Leads By 9


After 6 days of hovering right at 49, and having Hill fluctuate between a 3 to 5 deficit, Obama opens up a big lead today.

Gallup has more…

Obama had a particularly strong showing in Sunday’s interviewing, and it will remain to be seen if he is able to enlarge and sustain a margin of victory in the days ahead. Two events have been in the news in recent days that, in theory, could affect Democrats’ support levels for their two candidates. Bill and Hillary Clinton released their tax returns for the last eight years on Friday, reporting that they made over $100 million during that time period. Sunday Clinton’s chief campaign strategist, Mark Penn, resigned his position after reports that the public relations firm of which he is president had a conflict of interests with the Clinton campaign.

To me, the tax returns are only a story because it took them this long to release them. Not much to learn there.

However, I think the Mark Penn revelation has really pissed off the Union crowd, and rightly so. The history of the Colombian government’s crackdown on unions is particularly vile, and Penn being associated with that, well, exposes him for what he is.

More as it develops…