Good for him, and much closer to Hill than I’m sure she’s comfortable with.

From Ambinder:

In March, officials said he raised about $15M, his best month since early 2007 and well above his $2M-per-month pace in late 2007. The final number is still being tallied.

$11m came from a spurt in the campaign’s high-dollar fundraising. $4m was raised through direct mail and Internet efforts.

That’s a LOT of high-dollar fundraising. Contrast that with Hill’s and Obama’s high dollar total (particularly Obama) and it doesn’t bode well for McCain’s ability for massive fundraising in the future. There are only so many people who can give a ton of money to his campaign, and McCain isn’t exactly lighting the internet on fire with his $4 direct mail/internet efforts.

John needs to get a better internet strategy together, and quick.

Business McCain Raises $15M In March