On Mar 26-27, American Research Group found that Hillary had a 51 to 39 lead in PA, but since then the race has tightened and today ARG finds that they’re all tied up, 45 to 45.

The internals show:

  • Obama has men 53 to 36, while Hill has women 52 to 39.
  • Hill leads whites 52 to 36, while Obama leads blacks by an astounding 89 to 9.
  • Obama takes 18-49ers by 14 , while Hill takes 50+by the same margin.

The race has increasingly been trending in Obama’s favor this past week, as polls in North Carolina show a widening of his lead there, and polls from Pennsylvania and Indiana show the contests getting close.

Are Democrats finally deciding that enough’s enough? Because if Hill barely ekes out a win in PA or actually loses, her campaign is dead as disco.

More as it develops…

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