Another poll, another double digit lead.

From WRAL:

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama has a commanding lead over Hillary Rodham Clinton in North Carolina, but he might face greater difficulties than she against likely Republican nominee John McCain in the general election.

In the latest WRAL News poll, 56 percent of likely Democratic voters said they would give Obama their support in the Democratic primary. Thirty-three percent chose Clinton, and 11 percent were unsure.

A WRAL News poll in early March showed Obama with a seven-point lead.

A 16 point gain since early March? That has to be heartening for Obama, especially after the Wright controversy.

So how’d he do it? 15% more blacks support him now for a total of 86%, and he cut into Hill’s lead among whites by 13%, giving her only 47%.

Still, Hill has to like the electability question…

However, 57 percent thought Clinton would fare better against McCain, while less than a third gave Obama the same credit.

Reasons why? Might have to do with the state’s demographics and built in Republican preference?

Politics Poll: Obama Up 23 In North Carolina; Hill More Electable