The vodka brand Absolut has released an ad in Mexico depicting a pre-1848 map with the U.S. western states as part of Mexico. The headline: In an Absolut World. The result: outrage.

The makers of Absolut have pulled the campaign and apologized for offending anyone.

Talk about a stupid advertising idea. I’m sure it was amusing to people in Mexico but Absolut had to know this would be seen by Americans who would be less than impressed. You simply don’t make jokes about national borders. People get touchy about borders, they fight wars over borders. Can you imagine if Absolut ran an ad in Northern Iraq showing the border of a Kurdistan and using a headline that made such an arrangement sound like a good idea? I’m sure Turkey would be a little upset.

Absolut should stick to amusing little ads of no or light political commentary. Some people are going to boycott them for this stupidity. That’s not an issue for me. I find the beverage of rather poor quality to begin with.

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