So…I think we’re seeing a trend here.

From Public Policy Polling:

Obama leads Hillary Clinton 54-33 in the state. He is making in roads among white voters in the state, trailing Clinton just 47-38, while maintaining his customary large advantage with black voters 81-10.

“The race in North Carolina has really stabilized,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Even with both candidates now running tv ads in the state, Obama is maintaining his lead in that solid 20 point range. A reignition of the Wright controversy or some other issue for the Obama campaign could tighten it up but for now he’s looking at a dominant victory.”

The poll also found that 43% of likely voters think the drawn out primary contest could
hurt Democratic prospects in the fall. Obama has a 29 point lead with that group, an
indication that some voters may be moving toward his column because they want the
fight to be over with.

More as it develops…

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