In an odd twist, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has admitted that Bill Clinton supports the Colombian Free Trade Agreement that Senator Clinton stridently opposes. Either the former president, after a career of free trade advocacy, decided even he couldn’t flip flop with a straight face OR this is a cunning political strategy.

The Clinton presidency brought us NAFTA and that fact has been hard for Hillary Clinton to shake. However, by revealing their differences of opinion on the Colombia deal, they make Hillary appear to be the more protectionist of the Clintons and thus more acceptable to a base of voters who blame such agreements for job losses. The fact that the Clintons have taken the time to announce the disagreement makes the whole thing seem more like a ploy than an earnest disagreement of opinion.

Both Democratic candidates have made anti- free trade demagoguery a signature part of their campaigns, willfully distorting facts in an attempt to make voters think fixing a few international agreements will suddenly bring back lost jobs. The Clinton disagreement on the Colombia deal (which isn’t perfect, mind you) is just another example of the Clinton campaign trying to present the senator as a protectionist.

Business Clintons Disagree on Colombian Free Trade