Two polls today show very similar results.

First, Public Policy Polling had the “Obama Leads” shocker poll last week, and now they’re seeing a shift back to Hillary.

From PPP (pdf):

Raleigh, N.C. – Hillary Clinton has taken back a small lead over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling.

Clinton has a 46-43 advantage in the state after trailing Obama by two points in PPP’s poll last week.

Clinton’s improvement since last week comes almost entirely from her core demographics. Her lead among women improved from 10 points to 16, her lead among white voters went from 11 to 17, and her lead with senior citizens showed a gain from 16 to 21.

“Hillary Clinton’s made a small rebound in the last week to get the lead back,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But this does seem to be confirmation that it’s a pretty tight race in Pennsylvania and could go either way depending on what the campaigns do over the next two weeks.”

Then we move to Strategic Vision, which shows Hill with a 5 point lead, down slightly from last week’s lead of 8 and significantly from last month’s lead of 18.

Bottom line, Hill’s camp knows she has to have a blow out in PA in order for her to make up any ground on Barack, and that’s looking less and less likely.

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