“He didn’t have a lot of experience in running a presidential campaign, did he.”
– Colin Powell, when asked about Obama’s supposed lack of experience.

Here he is on Good Morning America…

And what about the Rev. Wright contro?

ABC has more…

Returning to presidential politics, Powell condemned controversial remarks by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor of 20 years, as “deplorable” but complimented the Democratic candidate for hisspeech on race that followed in the aftermath.

“Rev. Wright is also somebody who has made enormous contributions in his community and has turned a lot of lives around,” Powell said, “And so, I have to put that in context with these very offensive comments that he made, which I reject out of hand.”

Powell added that he does not know Wright, and praised Obama’s response.

“I think that Sen. Obama handled the issue well . . . he didn’t look the other way. He didn’t wait for the, for the, you know, for the storm to go over. He went on television, and I thought, gave a very, very thoughtful, direct speech. And he didn’t abandon the minister who brought him closer to his faith,” Powell told Sawyer.

By the way, is Powell a Republican or a Dem? I think he voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004, yes? But didn’t he vote for Clinton in 1996?

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