Folks, if somebody inside a company only had the approval of 28% of the decision makers, wouldn’t that person be fired? Now, don’t get excited…I’m not calling for impeachment, but numbers this low are startling.

In fact, check out this slow, steady decline over the past 8 years.

Pretty remarkable, no?

And to those who continue to say that speeches and words don’t matter, I think we’ve seen what happens when we have an extremely ineffective communicator in the top position.

But maybe this is why Bush likes to compare himself to Truman…

Bush’s current 28% job approval rating is at the very low end of the spectrum of approval ratings Gallup has recorded across the 11 presidents in office since World War II. The average presidential job approval rating during that time has been 55%. The highest reading, as noted, is the 90% for the current President Bush in September 2001; the lowest is the 22% for Truman in February 1952.

Problem is, nobody was detailing the ins and outs of Truman’s missteps when he was in office. Dozens of books from highly credibly journalists and White House insiders have already come out and eviscerated Bush’s decision making.

History will not look kindly on his presidency, and he better start realizing that now.

Politics Gallup: Bush Approval Rating Lowest At 28%