And in alphabetical order!

ABC: Obama 1,634, Clinton 1,498; (Obama +136)

AP: Obama 1,639, Clinton 1,503; (Obama +136)

CNN: Obama 1,629, Clinton 1,486; (Obama +143)

CBS: Obama 1,633, Clinton 1,494; (Obama +139)

NBC: Obama 1,641, Clinton 1,508; (Obama +133)

NY Times: Obama 1,631.5, Clinton 1,473.5; (Obama +158)

Wash Post: Obama 1639, Clinton 1503; (Obama +136)

So the average lead for Obama is 140.

And with Michigan and Florida officially out, how hard is the math for Hillary at this point?

You don’t even want to know.

Okay, I actually thought I’d do some quick math here to show some realities.

Remaining superdelegates: 243
Remaining pledged delegates: 566
Total: 809

To overtake Barack, Hill would have to take 545 of the remaining. That’s 67%. Anybody think that’s even close to being likely?

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