Puerto Rico is one of the last to hold their primaries on June 1st, and Hill seems to be holding onto a comfortable lead there.

The story is in Spanish, but here’s a (very) rough translation…

Hillary Clinton holds a comfortable advantage of 13 percentage points on Barack Obama, her rival in the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico, revealed a survey disclosed yesterday by the company Research & Research.

The intention of the voters, who identified themselves as democrats, reflected an endorsement of 50% for the senator from New York as opposed to 37% for the senator from Illinois. Another 13% were identified as undecided.

There’s still a lot of swing there, but Hillary has done well with the Latino community, so odds are she’ll take this is the race is still competitive at that time. But one wonders if it’ll even matter by then.

Politics Poll: Hillary Leads By 13 In Puerto Rico