However, he’s sticking by the content of the statement, and that’s important.

From CNN:

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — Barack Obama said Saturday that if he has offended people with comments he made almost a week ago where he labeled small town Pennsylvanians “bitter” and that they “cling to guns and religion” then he regrets it.

“Obviously, if I worded things in a way that made people offended, I deeply regret that,” Obama said in an interview with the Winston-Salem Journal, according to a transcript provided by his campaign.

“The underlying truth of what I said remains, which is simply that people who have seen their way of life upended because of economic distress are frustrated and rightfully so,” he told the North Carolina newspaper. “And I hear it all the time when I visit these communities.”

Frankly, at this point we have no idea if people were actually offended or not, but the right-wing and Hillary were making such hay out of this that Obama had to say something to block the criticism.

But again, the content of what he’s saying is right, and in 2004 he said something very similar and much more eloquently.

(video h/t: TPM)

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