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Poll: Clinton Leads By 20 in PA


American Research Group has a shock poll out today that shows a 20 point swing in a matter of 6 days…and I think this poll started before Obama’s “bitter” comment.

Check it out:

April 5 – 6:
Clinton: 45%
Obama: 45%

April 11 – 13:
Clinton: 57%
Obama: 37%

Some details from ARG:

Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama 48% to 44% among men (45% of likely Democratic primary voters). Among women, Clinton leads 64% to 31%.

Clinton leads 64% to 29% among white voters (82% of likely Democratic primary voters). Obama leads 79% to 18% among African American voters (14% of likely Democratic primary voters).

Clinton leads 52% to 43% among voters age 18 to 49 (50% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads 62% to 31% among voters age 50 and older.

But here’s something interesting…

23% of likely Democratic primary voters say that excessive exposure to Obama’s advertising is causing them to support Clinton.

Death by ad fatigue? I guess money isn’t such an advantage after all?

More as it develops…