He continues to get stronger nationally with Dems. Not only that, he has been at 49% or higher since March 27th.

Gallup has the deets:

The current 11 percentage point lead is the largest for Obama this year, and marks the ninth consecutive day in which Obama has led Clinton by a statistically significant margin. The current Gallup Poll Daily tracking average is based on interviewing conducted Saturday, Sunday and Monday — after the initial reports of Obama’s controversial remarks about “bitter” small-town residents began to be reported in the news media.

The two candidates will hold a nationally televised debate in Philadelphia on Wednesday night, and it is possible that this confrontation — plus any delayed impact of Obama’s controversial remarks — may affect Democratic voters’ perceptions in the days to come.

I can’t wait for Wednesday’s debate, because I think it may spark a conversation about what politics is actually doing for people and how we need to ask more from our government. And that’s what I think Obama was saying in the first place, but it has been twisted around to mean he thinks people who are religious or who like guns are weak and stupid…which is obviously not even CLOSE to what he said.

More as it develops…

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