Also, he leads by 13 in North Carolina.

Here are the numbers:

Clinton 46, Obama 41

Obama 40, Clinton 35

North Carolina
Obama 47, Clinton 34

Also, LA Times has some realities about BitterGate and RevWrightGate:

In Pennsylvania, the flap seems to have marginally helped Obama more than hurt him: 24% said his handling of the issue made them think more highly of him; 15% said it made them think less highly of him; 58% said it made no difference in their views.

Many Democratic voters, however, see Obama’s association with Wright as posing a problem for him in the general election — 46% in Pennsylvania said they expected it to hamper him in a contest with presumptive Republican nominee John McCain; in Indiana, 47% agreed with that, and in North Carolina, 42%. […]

In the follow-up interviews, some voters complained that the criticism of his pastor and the allegations that Obama is elitist are sideshows.

“All this back-and-forth is not really staying on the issues that I want to hear from” the White House candidates, said Joseph Robinson, a disabled worker in Lafayette, Ind. He was unmoved by Clinton’s charge that Obama, because of his small-town comment, had shown he was out of touch with many Americans.

More as it develops…

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