The results have remained static since a week ago (Clinton 50/ Obama 44), and that has to hearten Hillary supporters.

From Quinnipiac:

In this latest survey of 2,103 likely Democratic primary voters by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN uh-pe-ack) University, 26 percent of Clinton supporters would switch to Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republican, in November if Obama were the Democratic nominee. Nineteen percent of Obama backers would switch to McCain if Clinton were the Democratic nominee. A look at other groups shows:

  • White voters for Clinton 57 – 37 percent, compared to 56 – 38 percent last week;
  • Black voters back Obama 86 – 8 percent, compared to 75 – 17 percent;
  • Women back Clinton 54 – 40 percent, unchanged from 54 – 41 percent last week;
  • Men are for Obama 51 – 43 percent, compared to a 48 – 44 percent tie last week;
  • Reagan Democrats back Clinton 55 – 40 percent;
  • Voters under 45 go with Obama 55 – 39, while older voters back Clinton 55 – 40 percent.

“Sen. Hillary Clinton is fighting off Sen. Barack Obama’s drive to make it a close race in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, holding the six-point edge she had a week ago. She seems to have halted the erosion of whites and white women in particular from her campaign,” said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

Still, I’ll remind everybody again that she has to win this state big to pick up any momentum with regards to pledged delegates. If not, and if Obama blows her out in North Carolina, the contest should be over. But just because it should be doesn’t mean Hillary won’t take this thing to the convention…which is seeming more and more likely as the days go by. I think her campaign honestly believes that Obama can’t win it in the Fall so they’ll continue to bloody him up until he’s actually as unelectable as they think he is.

More as it develops…

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