50 to 41 this week, up from 48 to 43 last week.

The deets:

Among voters from households where someone owns a gun, Clinton leads by seventeen points. Voters from other households are more evenly divided.

Clinton leads among voters who say faith and religion are Somewhat or Very Important. Obama leads among those who say such topics are Not Very Important or Not at All Important.

Sixty percent (60%) of Likely Democratic Primary voters in Pennsylvania say that it is Very Important for the government to enforce the borders and reduce illegal immigration. Among these voters, Clinton leads by sixteen.

Looking at the other aspect of the immigration debate, 30% say it’s Very Important to legalize the status of those who have come to the country illegally. Among these voters, Clinton and Obama are essentially even.

Twenty-three percent (23%) of Likely Primary Voters rate their personal finances as poor. Among these voters, the candidates are even—Obama wins 46% of their votes, Clinton 44%.

Conclusion? BitterGate has hurt Obama in PA, but not by much.

More as it develops…

Politics Rasmussen: Hillary Gains 4 In PA