It’s pretty normal for a campaign to shut a reporter out who causes a lot of problems for the candidate by breaking a story like this, but so far Mayhill Fowler hasn’t had that experience.

From TPM:

The woman who broke the Obama “small town” story for The Huffington Post may have come under relentless fire from some Obama supporters after the news broke, but she has one word to describe the response she’s since received from the Obama campaign itself: “Classy.”

I just spoke briefly with the woman, Mayhill Fowler, and she said that though she created the worst and most sustained controversy for Obama since Jeremiah Wright’s sermons surfaced, Obama campaign aides haven’t directed any anger or punitive action in her direction.

“They haven’t denied me any kind of access,” Fowler said. “From the time I started following them around last June, they have been a classy operation, and I still think they are. They haven’t treated me any differently than before.”

Could this be part of the new tone they’re talking about? Taking responsibility for what Obama said instead of trying to blame a reporting for “catching” him say it?

In any event, I think this is telling.

Feel free to disagree.

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