Polls, polls and more polls. And on the eve of the debate tonight, it’ll be interesting to see how it effects this overwhelming pro-Obama trend.

From ABC:

On the eve of their debate before the Pennsylvania primary next week, Democrats by a 2-1 margin, 62-31 percent, now see Obama as better able to win in November — a dramatic turn from February, when Clinton held a scant 5-point edge on this measure, and more so from last fall, when she crushed her opponents on electability.

The poll finds other pronounced problems for Clinton. Among all Americans, 58 percent now say she’s not honest and not trustworthy, 16 points higher than in a precampaign poll two years ago. Obama beats her head-to-head on this attribute by a 23-point margin.

The number of Americans who see Clinton unfavorably overall has risen to a record high in ABC/Post polling, 54 percent — up 14 points since January. Obama’s unfavorable score has reached a new high as well, up 9 points, but to a lower 39 percent.

The poll also finds that BitterGate has done nothing to his numbers, strengthening his claim that while his wording may have been unfortunate, the content was dead on and will resonate in the general election.

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