Darren Garnick of The Boston Herald’s “Working Stiff” blog interviewed me and Alan for a story about “Blogger Burnout.” Unfortunately, only my answers were used, so Alan…if you want to post your answers in a separate post, please do so.

Anyway, here’s my answer about the perils of blogging…

“Blogging is like anything else you get some type of rise out of, you have to do it in moderation.”

“So people who stay up all hours of the night trying to be the first to write about something aren’t just doing themselves a physical and mental disservice, I also think they’re unintentionally doing blogging a disservice.”

And on the rewards of blogging…

BLOGGING REWARDS: “Honestly, everyday brings a new reason why it’s worth it. And sure, there’s stress and pressure, but I’ve usually found that creative endeavors carry with them a certain amount of that. Since I make my living as a creative writer I’ve become accustomed to that type of atmosphere. I guess you could say it’s almost a lifestyle choice at this point because if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it.”

Read the whole thing over at The Working Stiff.

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