And he’ll still be blogging here from time to time, but he has a new blog about his family’s experiences…

Hey. I have an idea. Let’s load up the kids and move to Italy.

Let’s call the kids The Boy and The Girl. (8 and 10 respectively. Feet tall. They’re very large kids.) Maybe we’ll do names later. I don’t know. For now let’s give them some anonymity. That way they don’t have to be real kids. They can be ur kids. Meta kids. But just as annoying as my real kids.

Let’s load up the dogs, too. I can use their real names: Goofy and Pugs. Goofy is a 100 pound, blond Labrador Retriever. He’s sweet and profoundly stupid. And he eats poop. He used to eat furniture, but he’s calmed down a bit over the years, and now merely enjoys the occasional turd. It’s not an attractive habit, but he is a dog, after all, and no one’s suggesting you date him.

And then, there’s Pugs. Ah, what can I say about Pugs that hasn’t already been said about the Ebola virus?

…what a lucky piece of s#!t…

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