The following Q&A is classic and points to exactly what this blog has been saying for the past 3 years:

Okay, back to the past. What happened to your party over the last eight years?
They went off the rails. That’s it. They took a majority that took 16 years to build and they destroyed it.

There was a fundamental misunderstanding about how to govern. The concept of red versus blue is a tactic, not a strategy. In the long run, in order to mobilize your base, you tend to become more intense and your positions become more vitriolic, and you drive away the independents. Then you are no longer a majority.

Long story short, partisan hackery doesn’t work as a political philosophy. And that’s goes for both sides. It just so happens that the Republicans’ star has fallen particularly far in the past decade and a half.

Politics Newt On Republican Party: “Off The Rails”