Of note…the race seems to trending towards single digits.

First, Strategic Vision has the race 49/40.

Then the Franklin and Marshall poll, supposedly a very well respected one, shows a tightening race with a 46/40 split.

Here’s more…

But experts said that the survey may not fully show the impact of Obama’s statements last week that small-town Americans are “bitter” over their economic status and “cling to guns or religion.”

“It’s too soon — you’d have to see polls taken Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,” said political consultant Neil Oxman. “It’s clear [internal] polling in both campaigns show an uptick in support for her and a downtick for him.”

Clinton is now running a television ad attacking the remarks, which Obama made last week at a San Francisco fundraiser.

Franklin & Marshall pollster G. Terry Madonna agreed that the “bitter” fallout may still be shaping the race.

“The question is if [Clinton] has stopped Obama’s surge permanently,” said Madonna. “With the new commercial and the San Francisco statements, can she push the lead back to double digits?”

Indeed. There’s still plenty of time left for a swing back to Hill.

More as it develops…

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