There’s no doubt that the Two Loons for Tea live performance at the Triple Door Musicquarium was one fresh experience. I wrote a comment/review of the show under the name Fred Roth (my comment here), but I have to tell you that there are no words that can do last night any justice. You had to be there to know what I’m talking about. Here’s a short but sweet video clip of Two Loons for Tea performing one of my favorite tunes of the night.

Two Loons for Tea is signed by Sarathan Records.

Mell Dettmer was in the house and did a duet performance with Two Loons very own Jonathan Kochmer. My good friends were there, met some really cool people. Kicked it with the Drummer Jay Hoots. Some guy started doing an interpretive dance that seemed strangely appropriate. It was one of those great nights in Seattle.

It reminds me of my other great nights in Seattle. Here are my top 10 greatest nights in Seattle for 2008 so far (in no specific order).

1. New Year’s Eve Party at Le Pichet featuring Seattle’s hottest band New Faces
2. Dinner with Cheryl Waters (KEXP) at Verve Wine Bar. We have to do that again!
3. My night at ToST watching the band Marmalade with Davee C on Drums
4. Gutter Twins at the Showbox (at the Market)
5. Watching Chris Brummel play the bass with the band Super Sonic Soul Pimps at the Nectar Lounge
6. The Rawstock Short Film Festival at the ACT Theatre
7. Two Loons for Tea at the Triple Door’s Musicquarium
8. Having a beer with Kevin LeDoux and Chris Pierard at Park Pub
9. X live at the Showbox (at the Market)
10. D. Black, GMK and Grynch at the Vera Project

You can find other great nights in Seattle here at

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