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Gallup: Hillary Moves Within 3


It’s obvious that debate hurt him. Especially since people now think he’s best buddies with a 60s radical who bombed government buildings and that he hates the American flag.

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In Thursday night’s interviewing, Clinton received a greater share of national Democratic support than Obama, the first time she has done so in an individual night’s interviewing since April 3. That stronger showing for Clinton helped to snap Obama’s streak of statistically significant leads in the three-day rolling averages Gallup reports each day. Until today, he had led Clinton by a statistically significant margin in each of the prior 11 Gallup releases.

The full impact of the debate — and the ensuing media coverage of it — will be apparent in the coming days, and it will soon be clear if the debate has produced a shift back to a more competitive race, or if Clinton may have received just a temporary boost in support.

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