It was 50/41 last Monday…now it’s 47/44.

The details…

Obama’s support appears to be a bit softer than Clinton’s at this point in time. Six percent (6%) of Obama voters say there’s a good chance they could change their mind before voting. Only 2% of Clinton supporters say the same.

Overall, with less than a week to go, 9% of Pennsylvania voters remain undecided, 3% say there’s a good chance they will change their mind, and another 12% might change their mind. Among those who are certain how they will vote, Clinton leads 53% to 47%. […]

In the Keystone State, Clinton is now viewed favorably by 70% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters, Obama by 71%. Those figures are down slightly for both candidates. Primary voters see little ideological difference between the candidates—48% see Obama as politically moderate while 49% say the same about Clinton. Nationally, among all voters, a majority see both Democratic candidates as politically liberal.

More as it develops…

Politics Rasmussen: Hillary And Obama Now Statistically Tied In PA