Was it the debate? BitterGate? A little of both?

Ultimately, it looks like the debate was the kicker…

These results are based on interviewing conducted April 16-18, including two days of interviewing after the contentious Wednesday night debate in Philadelphia and the media focus that followed. Support for Hillary Clinton has been significantly higher in both of these post-debate nights of interviewing than in recent weeks.

The two Democratic candidates are now engaged in intensive campaigning leading up to Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary and are under a continual and hot media spotlight, increasing the chances for change in the views of Democrats in the days ahead.

Here’s the takeaway…it’s next to impossible for the Obama camp to argue that she shouldn’t take this all the way, as painful as that may be for the Dems. If she’s leading in national polls, especially once like Gallup, she still has a big stake in this thing.

Now, do I think her attacks at the debate were hacky and misguided? Sure. If you push memes on a fellow Dem and then say explain that this is what the Republicans will be saying in the Fall, well, that argument doesn’t really play. In fact, it hacky…Especially the Ayers jab, which Obama rightly smacked her back on. But again, it’s not responsible for anybody to be saying this race is over as of yet.

Rasmussen shows a similar tightening with Obama leading 45/43, down from 46/41 Friday, 48/41 Thursday and Wednesday and 50/41 on Tuesday.

Politics Gallup: Hillary Now Leads By 1