Some additional background, this guy claims he’s just creating a document that might help Dems get in front of what Karl Rove could be thinking, but come on folks…how stupid does he think we are?

From Huffington Post:

A high-ranking labor supporter of Hillary Clinton is distributing to union leaders and to Democratic strategists a document detailing the radical activities of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two former members of the ’70s group the Weather Underground, who decades later, in Chicago, crossed paths with Barack Obama.

The document – a three-page emailed essay by Rick Sloan, communications director for the International Association of Machinists as Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) — takes both literary and political license to outline what Sloan believes would be the thrust of a hypothetical Republican campaign against Obama focusing on his tangential connection to Ayers and Dohrn.

The goal of the essay appears to be to discredit Obama as the prospective Democratic presidential nominee.

My question: Will they tell this guy to knock it off? So far the Clinton camp has only said that the essay isn’t their document…hardly a rebuke.

I guess we’ll see…

Politics Key Clinton Labor Supporter Pushing Ayers Story