You may not be able to crawl around the streets of Seattle six nights a week, feverishly searching for electric local artists that stir the heart and entice the mind, but I can, and I do, and then I bring them to you in my weekly report: From the Streets of Seattle. You are in for a sweet sticky treat this time, as I introduce you to a most-loved underground artist, an inspired DJ whom everyone seems to list as their top friend on MySpace and no one ever wants to miss: NoiseMaker.

Every time NoiseMaker (a.k.a. Joshua Hale) steps up to the decks I know it will be a crazy fuck-up of a night, and so does Seattle. He always brings dancers out to the floor and then sets them on fire with his slamdown of sound. NoiseMaker is my favorite DJ in this city, which is a big fat salty ocean full of DJs. I may say this to my other electronic wizard friends (sorry yall) but with Josh I really mean it, and I’m not alone. Heaps of other DJs, promoters, photographers, artists, and go-go dancers in the city have declared the same sentiment: NoiseMaker is their favorite DJ in Seattle.

In his current demo Psy-Breaks (listen to and download a free teaser here), a ridiculous warping of musical fusion takes place. On one track Bananarama’s Cruel Summer transmorphs into an entirely new animal, a sweaty, snarling, twisted season that makes you run to the dance floor, disrobing all the paraphernalia of the presupposed reality of life on the way. Get familiar with this DJ so you can say that you knew him when, that you were dancing under a bridge in the freezing cold at five in the morning with the soundmaster of tomorrow.

So what’s up with this DJ?

NoiseMaker ignites crowds like the anti-fireman of the sound revolution, a peaceful warrior and artist who sets to flames all who hear his unique and expressive style. His weapon is a smart-bomb of beats, an imaginative interpretation of music which is virtually an orgy of genres from glitch to hip-hop to dub step to 80’s pop hits to drum and bass to thug rap from the eastern suburbs of Paris. His sets are always fresh and full of provocative melodic contortions; NoiseMaker owns the word bold. Unafraid to take risks, he chops up everything from Rage Against the Machine to Justin Timberlake with no apologies and with much love from his audience. He is not constrained by any one musical variety and his artful combination of ancient and futuristic sounds speaks loudly to those in the world living for the present. On NoiseMaker’s dance floor tribal drums blend effortlessly with cascading electronic tones, songs from animal mouths are laid over your great-grandchildren’s cut-up bass mixes, and pulsing jet airplane crashes collide seamlessly with the dark layers of deep, emotive aggression you would find on a post-apocalyptic carousel ride. You better hold on tight kids, this is the red pill.

The Seattle crowd salivates for his thick, heavy bass; fuck that, the obese bass, the shamelessly sticky grinding ribcage-rattling thunderfunk that drives humans into transcendent madness. NoiseMaker does not settle for music as solely an aural experience; his sets engage the whole body, from dancing toes to the tips of sweaty, slinging hair. It’s not just the random masses whose unconscious inner artists pull them shaking and vibing to the dance floor in reverence of this commander of crunk; countless other DJs are always on his floor getting down, constant proof not only of NoiseMaker’s talent but also of his appeal as a performer and his ability to connect with the beat-hungry souls who crave the palpable energy exchange that he creates. He never fails to stimulate his ever-present crowd, his dynamic musical designs produce an environment where die-hard fans collide with wanderers who step onto the dance floor with, “who the, how the, what the hell is this?” on their tongues in response to his original and engaging performance, and the room explodes with the passion of the new, the bold, and the fresh, which NoiseMaker loves to deliver- you can see it in his eyes.

Most exciting of all is the fact that NoiseMaker’s sound continues to develop and his contribution to the Seattle and West Coast electronic music scenes progressively deepens with each night he spins. Besides being involved with the Seattle DJ collective Beatcon Crew and the monthly dance mania and brain-killer Spy Party, he has also performed alongside such talents as BreakBeatBuddha, Novatron, Kadeejah Streets, KJ Sawka, Skoi Sirius, Chris Fortier, DJ Crime, Influenza, Dig Dug, Psychoz, DJ Pyro, and many others who are stretching the definition of music into a new and exhilarating creature. The future of art is happening right now, and it sounds like NoiseMaker.

Try to be as fearless and original in your life as NoiseMaker is with the music he throws. It’s no secret that I heart the glitch more than most things on earth; it is the embrace of futuristic sounds in combination with the deep bass that I respond to, the brash back-talking ethos of Hell yes, I’m pushing buttons- and look what it does to my dance floor, the musical representation of the post-modern void of a world we live in which could end any second with the press of another kind of button. I am far from alone, and this revolution will not be televised. Come and experience with us dance rioters the mmm-mmm-good glitch and NoiseMaker this Thursday night at Midtempo Madness at Crimson C with Souleye, BLVD, and Vibesquad. This lineup is so sick, it’s practically dying. I’ll be at home: on the front of the dance floor, that is. See you there.

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