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OK – So, I went to the Obama rally on the Mall at Independence Park in Philly – I had my lap top, I had my wireless card, I was even doing email and surfing, but it never once occurred to me that I should be “reporting” live on this event – who knew?

At any rate, I have never been to an Obama rally – I assumed it might be similar to going to a concert or something. I couldn’t have been more surprised by the turnout. The media reports emphatically state Obama supporters are African American; people younger than 30, and the very liberal. Although all those demographic groups appeared, there were large amounts of people from every segment of our society, it was really an incredible sight. If these crowds are statewide Obama will win easily, but I know it’s not the case. He will do great in Philly – but will probably lose the rest of PA. I guess we’ll see but I am not hopeful.

Obama was charismatic and his message was up beat, as you would expect. He talked about illegal war, economic woes, environmental concerns, inequality in our society, and the “same old insider politics” getting in the way of real solutions. It was a pseudo-populist message the crowd really seemed to appreciate. When Obama takes this “stump” type message directly to the people – without the “translations” by the media or political opponents it makes people want to believe there is nothing we couldn’t accomplish as a nation. The American people want to get involved; they just want a leader they can believe in to get the job done for them rather than special interests. I see an Obama presidency that would rely on the American people to help get things done, to apply pressure to their elected leaders, to get involved in the local political process once again. I saw all that at Independence Mall Friday night – and I think I am not alone in that belief.

The American people all want the same things from their country – these feelings were clearly in evidence with the people I saw around me. The disagreements come from the methodology with which those goals are reached – national elections are always emotional much more than substantive unfortunately. Obama knows this and strikes a cord of communication in “live” events that is truly something worth seeing and hearing. The depth, intelligence, and understanding of the issues is there but the delivery and impact of the message is rarely presented so well or with such passion.

Obama opponents love to talk about the “Obamabots” who show up drone-like to get their fix at these rally events. I didn’t see any “dupes”, I saw a lot of Americans who still want to believe their country isn’t as evil as George Bush, the Bush administration, and many countries throughout the world have made us believe. Old, young, white, black, brown, red, yellow, rich, poor, they were all there – every demographic group in our country. I haven’t seen that type of attendance or such a reaction at a political event ever – and I have been to quite a few.

By the way, if anybody else goes to an event from any candidate and wants to write a guest post, please feel free to email me at justin at donklephant dot com.

Thanks again Terence!

Politics Guest Post: Report From Obama’s Massive Philly Event