In a new Hillary Clinton ad Osama bin Laden makes a cameo. So do images of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The message: being president is tough and requires someone like Clinton who can take the pressure. Subtext: Barack Obama can’t take the pressure.

This is the exact same appeal as the 3 a.m. phone call ad that ran before the Texas primary. Except this new ad is more direct. But, really, anytime Clinton uses the “I’d be better in a crisis” argument, my first reaction is: why? What proof is there that she’d handle a national emergency any better than Obama?

If Clinton is implying that her greater experience makes her more capable in a crisis, then she’s setting herself for a losing comparison with John McCain who not only has more governmental experience but who actually has life experiences that might prepare one for extremely difficult situations. Of course, no president is truly prepared for national crisis. For Clinton to pretend that she is better prepared is just a slight-of-hand trick. More experienced than Obama? Sure. More likely to act well under pressure? We don’t know.

Politics Clinton Plays “I’d Be Better in a Crisis” Card Again