That much everybody expected. By how big a margin is the question now.

From ABC:

As the results pour in, pundits, Democrats, and the media will characterize whether Clinton won by a large enough margin of victory. Devine and other Democrats have long argued the New York senator needed to win the Keystone State over Obama by double digits, and dig into Obama’s delegate lead.

“If she wins by 10 points or more, it will be viewed as a clear and convincing victory, but if it’s closer than that, it will be less than a clear and convincing victory,” Devine said.

Speaking to reporters in Conshohocken, Pa./, today, Clinton rejected that common argument, saying “a win is a win.”

She’s right. A win is a win, but she has to do more than win. She has to convince superdelegates that she’s the stronger candidate, and if the margin is slim tonight, that’ll go a long way towards making the case that Obama has all but closed the deal. If not, I really do think this is going all the way to the convention, regardless of any big wins Barack would be able to pull out in North Carolina or Oregon. Because she’ll just answer with wins of her own in West Virginia and Montana.

More as it develops…

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