This is the homestretch and if she can hold this, she might just be able to get the double digits she needed out of PA.

Some realities…

  • 97% of Philadelphia county has reported their results, so it’s unlikely Obama will gain much from his biggest support base in the state.
  • Lehigh county has only reported 60% so far, and they’re looking at another 30,000 votes coming in…which are breaking 76/24 for Hill.
  • Fayette County probably has another 13,000 votes coming in, and they’re breaking for Hill 80/20.
  • The big question mark is Chester county, which I think is considered an affluent suburb of Philadelphia. In fact, it’s the richest place in PA. None of the vote has been reported there. Why? I have no idea, but that could provide Obama some cover if these wealthy voters break for him.

Still, the delegate split as it stands now is Clinton/Obama – 40/37.

More as it develops…

No sooner do I post this about Chester county, and now we have some votes coming in…and it looks like it’s breaking for Obama.

With 21% of the vote counted, or 13,000 votes, Obama is ahead 54/46.

Another good sign…Dauphin county has only reported 71% or 23,000, and Obama is leading there 62/38.

MSNBC says the delegate split is currently Clinton/Obama – 75/65.

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