This from Clinton’s ironically titled “The Fact Hub” blog:

After last night’s decisive victory in Pennsylvania, more people have voted for Hillary than any other candidate, including Sen. Obama.

Estimates vary slightly, but according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary has received 15,095,663 votes to Sen. Obama’s 14,973,720, a margin of more than 120,000 votes. ABC News reported this morning that “Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama” in the popular vote.

This count includes certified vote totals in Florida and Michigan.

Huh? Did ABC really say that “Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama” in the popular vote?

Well yes, but did they suggest she has credibly pulled ahead of Obama?

The answer, of course, is no…

In today’s edition of “The Note” ABC News’ Rick Klein wrote that “By one (rightly disputed) metric — the popular vote, including Florida and Michigan — Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama. But without the rogue states, Obama is still up by 500,000 — and if you can find another objective measurement by which she’s in the lead, let us know.”

Including the popular votes from Florida and Michigan — which were not sanctioned Democratic National Committee primaries, where the candidates did not compete, where Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois was not even on the ballot in Michigan — is a sketchy notion, and Rick was conveying that with the proper air of skepticism.

Somehow, the Clinton campaign took his report and twisted it into this “ABC News reported this morning that ‘Clinton has pulled ahead of Obama’ in the popular vote.”

That is a false reflection of what ABC News reported.

Did Clinton’s people not think ABC would follow up on this?

How hacky…

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