She actually didn’t break the 10% threshold that was widely reported.

Official Vote Total
Clinton: 1,235,067 – 54.3%
Obama: 1,041,366 – 45.7%
Clinton popular pickup – 193,701

PA Pledged Delegates (via CBS)
Clintpn – 82
Obama – 69
Clinton delegate pickup – 13

Total Pledged Delegates
Obama – 1,482
Clinton – 1,328
Obama pledged delegate lead – 154

Total Delegates
Obama – 1,710
Clinton – 1,584
Obama total delegate lead – 126

And here’s a roundup of some of the stories about the win today…

With Clear Victory, She Has Rationale to Fight On – NY Times
Clinton Outduels Obama in Primary – NY Times
Why Clinton won Pennsylvania – Politico
Dems Fight On; Clinton Wins PA Primary – ABC News
Clinton on Obama: “Why Can”t He Close the Deal?” – CBS News
Clinton’s win in Pa. leaves Obama battered, party reeling – McClatchy
Obama Shifting Focus From Clinton to McCain – NY Times

I think that last one is telling. The Obama camp knows that Hillary’s triumph is mostly theatre due to the delegate math, and will be trying to treat it as such to force the party elders to start pressuring Hill to get out. We’ll see if this strategy works. My guess is it won’t.

Next stop – May 6th.

Politics Final Spread From Pennsylvania: 8.6%