Get ready for a lot of posts like this, because there really aren’t a ton of superdelegates left and this math matters now more than ever.

From NewsOK:

Gov. Brad Henry, who said earlier he would not endorse a Democratic presidential candidate until this summer’s national convention, announced this morning he is supporting Barack Obama.

The endorsement means Obama, a U.S. senator from Illinois who finished second in Oklahoma’s presidential primary earlier this year, picked up one more superdelegate.

“Senator Obama is uniquely positioned to unite our nation and move beyond the divisiveness and partisan skirmishes that too often characterize politics as usual in Washington,” said Henry, who is in the middle of his second term.

“Senator Obama and his positive message reflect the best of America,” Henry said.

What Hillary needs now to help change this inevitability narrative Obama has going is to pick up 2 superdelegates for every 1 he gets. Or at the very least pick up 1 to his 1. Because he’s only 28 behind her at this point (256/228) and if he can’t catch her in that total too, well, it’ll be pretty devastating.

More as it develops…

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