At Sasha and Digweed‘s DJ extravaganza last night I fell back in love with dancing after a week (a whole week!) of not going out, I remembered why I never ever wear jeans to shows, and was thrilled up to my eyebrows to see so many electroheads out on a Tuesday night!

I really like the ShowBox SoDo and was stoked to experience mythic DJs Sasha and Digweed. I thought the show was sold out only to be informed early that morning that I was wrong, so I bought the $35 ticket with a what-the-hell attitude; that’s a lot of dough for cheapskates like me who try to get on every list they can. After forgetting the ticket print-out in my car (which of course was parked practically at Castle Starbucks) I returned, ready to dance, and never even had my ticket looked at! The workers did search thoroughly through my bag and we did the frisk-dance, leaving me standing there holding my $35 piece of paper, saying, “Hey! somebody look at this!!!” They never did.

DJ Kazell was the opening act and I was really impressed with his take on the bass, so much so that I actually was pulled away from the line at the bar, losing my space so I could go dance. I didn’t want to miss a minute the fat track that the DJ was laying down, not even for a buzz- now that’s powerful music. The big bar areas of the ShowBox SoDo were stacked with people trying to down several beers before the headliners came on, lots of people bobbing heads, and my friends, gettin’ down like no one’s business and making me proud. I am never a huge fan of all-ages shows- what can I say, I like to drink and dance, but sometimes the scene has to throw a frickin’ bone to the 18-21 year-olds.

I made my way up to the front of the dance floor as Digweed was about to come on. People were starting to freak out, and the anticipative energy of the crowd was close to spontaneous combustion in the middle of the floor. Now progressive house and trance aren’t my favorite electronic music genres; for me the tracks and sets never seem to climax, leaving me in a prolonged state of liminality. But like all electronic music, these beats are damn danceable, and I can recognize when the shit is going down even when it isn’t 100% my cup of tea. Aku, local DJ and my friend told me that Sasha and Digweed were the reason he started making music- now that means a whole lot. My ears perked up and I could tell that many others in the audience also held up these two DJs to the legendary status that they should deservedly claim. The whole place was rockin’.

A shortie like me can’t see very well, even at the front of the dance floor, but I could hear the chants which turned to, “Sasha, Sasha, Sasha,” as the night progressed. Like I said I am not firmly in the camp of crazed fans for these two Brits like most of the audience but I danced my face off last night at the ShowBox SoDo for hours. And then I danced some more. Making people shake and move is just one raison d’etre that inspires DJs to exist, (getting girls is another) and Sasha and Digweed found believers last night. Hot and sweaty with my jeans rolled up to my knees, I left the front of the dance floor to find a little space and air at the back. Not possible- the whole place was packed with Seattlites shaking what their mothers gave them. A Tuesday night like this is what I’m talkin’ ’bout- hundreds of people all moving together, having fun, and devouring the energy created in the musical exchange.

Of course, there wasn’t enough sticky bass pour moi, however I try not to review music too harshly for the same reason I don’t write up reviews of Mexican food restaurants in Seattle. Let me explain: I’m from Texas and eat whole jalepenos for breakfast so every write-up would go like this: “Not enough spice, not enough heat, not enough mind-mashing fire.” The same goes for most electronic music; there’s rarely enough sticky, thick, whompy bass for me, unless it’s an event like the upcoming Glitch Mob show at Nectar. When I dance I usually go into a mini-trance and can only say one of two words: YEAH or MORE. Yesterday evening was a MORE night for me, but I still had a thrilling time dancing and a really great experience, no doubt.

And sometimes wanting more is a good thing which even a hedonist like me can recognize; crazy things happen when you’re left on the threshold. Everyone left the show a little happier than they came in and the party continued to Contour for afterhours and we all got down for a couple more hours to DJs Jason LeMaitre, Dev, and the aforementioned Aku who was absolutely on top of the world after hearing the great Sasha and Digweed lay it down. Seeing people so inspired by and passionate about music thrills me to no end and reminds me that we are all kindred spirits in the arena of music’s effects on the human psyche.

Speaking of kindred spirits, there were hundreds and hundreds of dancers out last night, and I want to know where they go the rest of the time. Last Wednesday? Next Tuesday? Where do you go, oh mysterious dancing crowd? I want to know, and I will find out, and then I will drag them out to enjoy life. SO WHAT ya gotta work in the morning? There is a sure excitement in the air that the Seattle electronic music scene breaths, and I think we should nurture it and light it on fire. Let’s blow it up. Whose with me?

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