That’s the word from Terry McAuliffe, so take it with a grain of salt…

On MSNBC just now, top Hillary adviser Terry McAuliffe claimed that by the end of today, the Hillary campaign will have raised $10 million since she was declared winner yesterday.

The number of new donors to the campaign, according to McAuliffe: Fifty thousand.

That means an average donation of $200 a piece if we’re just talking about new donors. They’re probably tapping their existing base, so the average donation to the campaign from the new donors is most likely much less. Still, that’s a great number for one day and having that many more people to pass the collection plate to never hurts.

However, most of this $10M will go to cover campaign debt…

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton began one of the most crucial stretches of her presidential campaign in debt, newly disclosed financial reports show.

According to campaign reports filed with the Federal Election Commission over the weekend, the New York senator began the month of April with close to $32 million cash-on hand. But only $9 million of that total are funds that are able to be spent in the primary races. The report also showed Clinton owes more than $10 million, meaning the Democratic presidential candidate was in the red even before she heavily stepped up television advertising in Pennsylvania.

The reality here is that Obama’s strategy was to outspend Clinton into oblivion, and it was starting to work, but if she can really pick up the pace with fundraising, she might be able to reach a certain amount of parity with him in the month of May. Now, it may not matter by the end of that month, but that has to be the Clinton camp’s goal nonetheless.

More as it develops…

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