It’s official. Pennsylvania has put a lot of doubts in people’s minds.

Last week, Newsweek had the race at Obama/Clinton – 54/35, a 19 point spread. Now it’s 48/41.

And since we’re increasingly only interested in personal perceptions in this campaign, here are some numbers about how the candidates are perceived.

A third (31 percent) of working-class whites agreed with the statement that Obama “looks down on people like you.” The other two candidates scored no differently—33 percent felt that statement applied to Clinton, 31 percent McCain.

But asked bluntly whether they felt Obama was “elitist” or “down-to-earth,” 25 percent said elitist, 53 percent went with the latter. Working class and poor whites are also less inclined to view Obama as the candidate who would “fit in well with people in your local community.” Only 45 percent agreed that this fit Obama, compared to 56 percent for McCain and 53 percent Clinton.

Still, they viewed Obama as the candidate least likely to favor the interests of the rich if elected (10 percent, compared to McCain’s 45 percent and Clinton’s 29 percent).

I know the pundits are openly questioning whether or not working class Dems will abandon Obama in the general election, but does anybody really believe that? With the economy going into the crapper, does anybody really think that a whole voting bloc is going to let race and supposed elitism override their economic interests? I’m sorry folks, but that’s not America, and although the pundits are pushing that meme, it’s just nonsense designed to make the campaign seem more interesting.

Also, I’d like to note that with all this talk about race, there’s strangely very little talk about gender and how loyal women are being to Hillary. In Pennsylvania, women made up 58% of the voting bloc, 16% more than men. And in a contest where over 2 million people voted, the 200,000 gap that Clinton won by was made up by women voters.

It’ll be interesting to see how this momentum effects Indiana and North Carolina.

Politics Newsweek: Obama Loses Ground, Leads By 7