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Rasmussen: Obama’s Lead Is Solid


Whereas Gallup shows Hillary making up considerable ground post-Pennsylvania, Rasmussen shows Obama with a lead that just won’t budge…

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Obama 48%, Clinton 42%.

These results are based upon data from a four-day tracking poll. Today’s update is the first based entirely upon interviews conducted following the Pennsylvania Primary. On the morning of that Primary, Obama led Clinton 49% to 41%, essentially the same as today’s results.

For each of the past six daily updates, Obama’s support has stayed between 47% and 49% while Clinton’s support has ranged from 41% to 43%. Clinton’s support has been within three percentage points of 43% every single day since March 9. Obama’s support has been within three percentage points of 48% every day since April 2. During March, Obama’s support generally stayed within three percentage points of 46% support.

Question now: which one to trust?