This guy is sure to be in the VP running if Hillary wins Indiana. But the big question: can his support really help her close the gap?

And another big question: what is the power of the Bayh brand name in Indiana?

From Politico:

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren’t the only senators with a lot riding on the results of the May 6 Indiana Democratic presidential primary.

Evan Bayh, the Indiana junior senator who has national political aspirations of his own, also stands to see his stature rise or fall depending on the outcome. As the state’s most popular Democrat and a vigorous Clinton supporter, Bayh’s ability to deliver Indiana will be closely scrutinized as a test of his clout and could go a long way toward burnishing his credentials for a spot on a possible Clinton-led presidential ticket.

For Bayh, a former two-term governor, there is increased pressure to perform in the wake of Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania, where Governor Ed Rendell played a key role in her victory.

Indeed, the morning after the Pennsylvania primary, Rendell called Bayh and handed off a challenge.

“We need you to carry Indiana,” Rendell told Bayh.

One big strike against Bayh: he’s a snoozer as a speaker. Sure, his gubernatorial experience is compelling, but there’s no way Hillary could substitute Bayh for Obama.

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