As if this any surprise, but seriously…how many of these stories will we have to endure? And I have to think that even more will be coming out after Bush and company leave office.

From Reuters:

The former chief prosecutor for the Guantanamo war crimes tribunals testified on Monday that the tribunals were tainted by political influence and evidence obtained through prisoner abuse.

Air Force Col. Moe Davis, who quit the war court last year, said political appointees and higher-ranking officers pushed prosecutors to file charges before trial rules were even written.

A supposedly impartial legal adviser demanded they pursue cases where the defendant “had blood on his hands” because those would excite the public more than mundane cases against document forgers and al Qaeda facilitators, Davis said.

He said the pressure ramped up after “high-value” prisoners with alleged ties to the September 11 plot were moved to Guantanamo from secret CIA custody shortly before the 2006 U.S. congressional elections and amid the ongoing U.S. presidential campaigns.

“There was that consistent theme that if we didn’t get this thing rolling before the election it was going to implode,” Davis testified in the courtroom at the remote Guantanamo naval base in Cuba.

It seems like it’s all about politics with this administration and its surrogates. And folks, $#!+ doesn’t roll uphill so these highly partisan marching orders aren’t just appearing out of thin air.

Given this, is it any wonder why so many in this country have open, daily disdain for their War on Terrorism strategy? Because it seems designed to maximize only one thing: votes for Republicans.

I’m so done with these jokers.

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