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Poll: Hillary Up By 9 In Indiana


First off, it’s important to make sure the media doesn’t spin Indiana as being Obama country. It’s not. In fact, SurveyUSA has shown Hillary consistently leading in the state.

Here’s more:

In a Democratic Primary in Indiana today, 04/28/08, 8 days until votes are counted, Hillary Clinton finishes ahead of Barack Obama, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WHAS-TV in Louisville and WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. The results are identical to a SurveyUSA TV poll released 4 weeks ago, on 04/01/08.

Clinton led then 52% to 43%, leads now 52% to 43%. […]

Clinton’s advantage is steady among women, steady among voters age 50+, and steady in Southern Indiana, which borders Kentucky.

Obama is gaining ground among voters under 50, where he leads for the first time; among liberals, where he leads for the first time; in Northern Indiana, where he is tied for the first time; and in Central Indiana, where he has cut Clinton’s lead in half. Clinton, by contrast, is making steady inroads among Independent voters.

Long story short, it’s going to be a tight one and if Obama can pull off a win, that’s actually a bit of an upset.