And Clinton’s gains in Pennsylvania continue to dwindle.

First, a key endorsement from Kentucky congressman Ben Chandler…

Chandler will announce his support for Obama at a midday news conference in downtown Louisville. Chandler represents a central Kentucky district and carries one of the most famous names in Kentucky politics.

The endorsement means Obama will have the backing of both of Kentucky’s Democratic congressmen leading into the state’s May 20 presidential primary.

Next, farmer Richard Machacek, a member of the Democratic National Committee, threw his support behind Obama…

Machacek, a Buchanan County Democrat also on the party’s state central committee, said Obama’s performance at Saturday’s Democratic district conventions in Iowa tipped the balance in his favor. […]

“I think it needs to be over, and in good conscience, I can’t fly in the face of my precinct, county and district,” Machacek told The Des Moines Register in a telephone interview. “The raw numbers coming out of the district conventions really sat me down hard.”

That puts the tally at:
Clinton: 265
Obama: 244

Only 21 left to pull even, and if that happens it’ll be huge news.

Also, according to MSNBC, the delegate totals now stand at:
Obama: 1,734
Clinton: 1,599

…which translates into a 135 delegate lead for Obama.

More as it develops…

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